Our Approach

The Stone Acorn Difference

Stone Acorn Builders' custom design and build process puts the customer's experience first. Both Benjamin and Sarah supervise every job - no intermediary superintendents are employed. From foundation to finish work, great attention is paid to every detail. When you sign on with Stone Acorn Builders - either as a custom client or a spec home purchaser - you are working with a team that prides itself on quality, integrity, and customer service. They educate the client on the home building process, help them to make informed decisions, and keep them organized to insure a positive experience and timely completion of the home.


1. Architecture & Design
Stone Acorn Builders collaborates with the client to learn style, finish, and desired features of their custom home. The specifics become a guide to develop a design build agreement. Architectural layouts are reviewed and once completed, the engineer designs the foundation and framing and city permits are requested.

2. Formal Contract & Financing
Engineering and design plans are set, the final cost of the project is agreed upon and a Custom Building Contract is signed. Stone Acorn provides a detailed financial client binder simplifying the loan application process for financing, and a Stone Acorn Homeowner Manual to provide critical procedures and checklists to keep the client organized in the homebuilding process. We break ground on your home.

3. Foundation & Framing
The foundation of your home is poured and inspected by an engineer, Stone Acorn and the City. Once framing is completed the first walk-through occurs. Stone Acorn may suggest a change or two, at no cost to the client, should a wall or window need adjustment in size or location.

4. Roof & Windows
The infrastructure of your home continues with framing of the roof and a review of the wiring plan. The electrician will set recessed cans in place for a walk-through approval before wiring the home. The fireplace, air/heat ducts and windows are installed along with low voltage wiring for fully-networked cable, alarm and phone systems.

5. Inspections
A series of initial inspections are required on electrical, plumbing, HVAC, framing, polyseal and insulation of the home. Final inspections on all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, energy and building standards are required to receive a certificate of occupancy issued by the City.

6. Carpentry Finish, Paint & Tile
Stone Acorn Builders is known for its finishes. All cabinets are custom built to suit any style and the client's needs. During four separate walk-through events, the cabinets, crown molding, baseboards, closets, doors, staircase and stairwell will be reviewed. Wood floors are built, followed by painting and tiling to complete the process.

7. Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures
Stone Acorn's crews work in tandem to trim out the home's appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and hardware. A closing and move-in date is determined while landscaping is completed and final inspections take place.

8. Closing & Warranties
At closing, Stone Acorn Builders provides a Homeowner Information & Warranties binder providing all details of the home's systems, HVAC, interior and exterior products, plumbing, electrical and landscape details. As holder of the warranties, Stone Acorn Builders provides one-year warranty on workmanship and defects; two-year warranty on plumbing, electrical and air/heat systems; and 10-year warranty on structure (foundation and framing). This binder memorializes all the decisions the client made during the building process easing the ongoing care and upkeep of their new home for years to come.